Custom dress return policy



  1. Return Policy: please read carefully

  2. This item is by Special Order. Please read prior to placing your order for an explanation of what a special order is.  Due to the nature of the garments and other items being sold, we do not accept any returns, exchanges, or cancellations after you have submitted your order.  This is a special order.  Please measure carefully.
    NO CANCELLATIONS/ RETURNS/ EXCHANGES will be accepted for ordering the incorrect size.
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  3. This gown can easily be altered by any skilled seamstress and be advised we do not accept ANY RETURNS.

  4. Each dress is Designer Inspired, from time to time some Tailor variations will occur. 

  5. Custom Dresses are by Special Order and specifically made to fulfill your order.  All dresses are “as is”  no alterations available, once you have placed your order.

    • Make sure you understood how to take the measurements.
    • Do not use off the rack sizes.
    • It is your responsibility to add to exact measurements  When measuring please allow room for comfort of 1-2″ or alterations.
    •  Please Measure Carefully.  Dress sizes fluctuate – you MUST have exact measurements when you pick your size.
    •  If you are between sizes, choose a corset or lace-up back style dress which provides an adjustable fit.
    •  Dresses that do not fit properly but fit the specifications you ordered cannot be returned or exchanged.
    • As our dresses are made with additional fabric in the seams, you can make minor adjustments at a local tailor, at your own cost.
    • Make sure your order has correct measurements for each person and compare to our size charts.
    • We want your order to be exactly right for you.
    • Our Dresses are packaged and sent to you in the mail and will need to be steamed to get the wrinkles out upon arrival.  You should be ready for some wrinkling caused by packing and shipping of any dresses. Don’t compare the gown you take out of a small box with photos of a carefully steamed dress.  If you want a wrinkle-free and perfect looking dress, have it steamed before your event.  (Steamers are available at many discount stores or you can take the dress to any dry cleaner and they will do it for you for a small fee.)

  6. Due to possible shipping challenges please allow 2 weeks prior to your event for delivery to ensure that your dresses arrive to you on time.  Make sure that the mailing address that you have supplied is where you will be.  If you are moving let us know your alternate address and when you will be at that address.


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