Custom made flower girl dresses 8-10 weeks

Custom-made flower girl dresses 8-10 weeks.

Our Dresses Are Made to Order for Various Body Shapes and Sizes. Custom Made in all children’s sizes. Every Dress We Design is Made to order, from Toddlers to Teenagers.

Custom-made to-measure dresses are in your size and made to fit your measurements.  Each dress is made based on bust, waist, and hip measurements for a custom fit.

Whether you are short or tall, thin or plus size our dresses are designed to your measurements.

You can customize your dress by selecting different necklines, sleeves, or dress lengths (short, t-length, floor length).

Corset lace-up back dresses are ideal for minor weight changes.  There is an advantage in choosing a lace-up corset back gown. If you have fluctuations in your weight up or down, this style can adjust to it easily.  If you lose or gain no more than a few pounds the lace-up back opening of 3 to 5 inches is normal.

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