Where can I Find Cheap Ball Gowns? Prom dresses & formal evening gowns Near Me?  Online at Jaks’, ships in 2 business days.

Juliet supplies formal ball gowns for a bargain price. Starting at just over $200 for long dresses for Prom, pageants, bridesmaids, Weddings, and more.

Juliet Dresses offers collections of exquisite styles that celebrate the joy of being a woman. Looks are created for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to look their best on their most memorable occasions. We believe that a woman’s body should be celebrated most joyfully and romantically, with looks that deliver a sense of confidence, romance, and beauty.

Our love and passion for dresses are evident in the details of each gown. At Juliet, we believe that each crafted dress should be perfect, down to each seam and bead. That level of expectation continues with our five-star service and expertise. All these high expectations ensure you are at your absolute best for your special event.

If you are in search of a dress for any special occasion, look no further than Juliet’s dresses. We use high-quality materials, fabrics, and details on all of our dresses to produce the finest styles. At Juliet, we aim to provide amazing products to bring out the inner beauty and romance of the women wearing these beautiful dresses. Whether you are in search of a glamorous prom dress or a princess quinceañera ballgown, Juliet has a dress for you.

We look forward to being a part of your next special occasion!

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