Flower Girl Dresses with trains to match your bridal gown.

Jaks Bridal is renowned for creating flower girl dresses to match your bridal gown.

Here’s why you’ll love our collection:  flower girl dresses to match your bridal gown.

  1. Original Designers: Jaks is the pioneer in designing flower girl dresses with trains. For 19 years, we’ve been dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true.
  2. Customization: Let us help you design charming flower girl dresses that complement your bridal gown. We offer a wide range of colors, including the standard white and ivory, along with 70 other shades.
  3. Premium Quality: Our luxurious mermaid flower girl dresses are crafted with premium fabrics, delicate lace, and sparkling sequins. Every detail is meticulously considered.
  4. Age-Appropriate Styles: Whether your flower girl is a toddler or a teenager, we have precious dresses that fit any age and style. Even the bride herself can find a matching gown.
  5. How to Order: Bring your fashion ideas to Jaks! Contact us via email or phone:
    • Email: Jaks
    • Phone: 1-605-766-5257

Discover the priceless look of flower girl dresses with trains that you’ll adore.

Remember to choose a dress that resonates with your wedding theme and captures the innocence and grace of the flower girl. Whether it’s lace, tulle, or a combination of both, these dresses will make a delightful addition to your special day! 

How Can I Order a Matching Flower Girl Dress?
Jaks Bridal offers hundreds of designs, each waiting to be customized. If you have a picture, they’ll weave it into reality. Lace, tulle, and dreams—everything a bride and her flower girl need.

Jaks Bridal’s Legacy:
For 19 years, they’ve matched bridal gowns with flower girl dresses. Each stitch a promise, each gown a memory.

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