Short pants

Boys short dress pants with suspenders.

These little boys short dress pants sets, or knicker sets come as an entire outfit. Choose the formal apparel for your event. Available in 4- & 5-piece sets.

Nothing is cuter then infant and toddler short sets for summer weddings, and holiday.

  1. Knickers come with a matching hat, vest, jacket or suspenders.
  2. Eton Safari Suspender outfit makes a perfect outfit for Ring bearers. A suspender outfit for hot summer weddings. Includes shorts with matching suspenders and bow tie, and a white short-sleeve shirt.
  3. Boys 4pc Linen Jacket and Shorts Dresswear Set 6M-5T. 4 Piece Charcoal Grey Linen Blend Outfit with an Eton Jacket, Shorts, White Dress Shirt, and Bow Tie.

Kids Easter outfits with shorts. Childrens Easter outfits with short pants, or knickers come with a matching hat, vest, jacket or suspenders.

Shop for Kids Easter Outfits. Boys Dresswear and themed Easter Apparel for the perfect Easter Outfit.

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