Ruffle flower girl dresses

Flower girl dresses Designed by Jaks Bridal.

Ruffle flower girl dresses are a delightful choice, especially when they complement the bride’s gown. Let’s explore how you can order a flower girl dress that perfectly matches your wedding dress:

  1. Lush Ruffles and Layers:
    • Tiered Drama: The ruffles on a tiered dress add a touch of playfulness and elegance. Little girls will feel like princesses in these flirty and flattering designs.
    • Color Options: Whether you prefer bright and vibrant hues or timeless shades like white or ivory, there’s a ruffled layered flower girl dress to suit your wedding theme.
  2. Matching the Bride’s Dress:
    • Replica of Your Wedding Gown: At Jaks Bridal, we specialize in creating miniature bride dresses. We’ll craft a replica of your wedding gown, paying attention to style and intricate details.
    • Ideal Miniature Bride Dress: Your flower girl will shine in her version of your bridal gown. Imagine the adorable moments captured in photographs as she walks down the aisle!

Lush Ruffle/Layered/Tiered Dresses.  Let Jaks design your ruffle flower girl dresses to complete your wedding day.    Brides like white or ivory organza ruffled layered Flower girl dress styles with gathered multi-layered ruffled skirts.

  1. Customization and Changes:
    • Your Vision: You’re free to customize the flower girl dress. If you have specific changes or preferences, share them with us. We’ll ensure the dress aligns perfectly with your dream wedding.
    • Experience Matters: With over 18 years of experience, we’ve collaborated with countless brides to create harmonious bridal party looks.
  2. Delivery and Service:
    • Timelines: Our delivery time is 8-10 weeks. Please note that shipping delays may occur.
    • Contact Us: If you have any questions or want to discuss your flower girl dress, feel free to call us at 1-605-766-5257.

Remember, a matching flower girl dress adds charm and unity to your wedding celebration. Let’s create a magical ensemble for your little one!

  1. These stunning dresses are from our match my bride dress collection
  2. We create a replica of your wedding gown, for your flower girl, in style and detail to make an ideal miniature bride dress to match.  Miniature bride dresses, are Jak’s signature. 
  3. How do I order a flower girl dress to match my wedding dress?
  4. You are free to make the changes you want.
  5. We have over 18 years of experience working with brides to create a miniature bridal gown to match their dresses. 
  6. Delivery is 8-10 weeks:  Shipping delays may occur as most carriers have suspended Service Guarantee times in light of overall Coronavirus uncertainties.
  7. Call Us: 1-605-766-5257.

Looking to add a sprinkle of whimsy to your wedding?

Jaks Bridal has got you covered with their ruffle flower girl dresses that are so fluffy, you might just mistake your flower girl for a cloud on your sunny wedding day! With layers upon layers of ruffles, these dresses are perfect for the little ones who dream of twirling around like cotton candy at a fair. And if you’re worried about matching the bride’s dress, fear not!

Jaks Bridal is like the fairy godmother of weddings, ready to whip up a mini-me masterpiece that’ll have your flower girl looking like a pint-sized bride. Just remember, while the dresses are customizable, the 8-10 week delivery time is not – so plan ahead, or you might find yourself in a ‘ruffle’!


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