communion dress

communion wear

Now is the time of year for many religions to celebrate church confirmations.  During the Sacrament, girls wear a long white dress.  Some individuals choose gowns with an embroidered  Virgin Mary design.  Fancy or classic style dresses for their First Communion, are preferred by some.

Compliment your Communion Wear with accessories.  Veils are available with Virgin Mary, a cross, or plain.  Gloves come in a variety of styles, and lengths.  Including lace or a cross design.  And we have a few cross necklace earring set.

Our Communion wear offers an exciting range of dresses.

Our dresses are available in White and other colors, with sizes for age 3 through age 18. The range offers special lengths to try and accommodate everyone, and all our dresses are available floor length.  We also carry a dress with detachable long skirt, that turns into knee length..

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